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I have a question - "option 'Hide Games' with 0% completion"


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I have always had the option activate to "hide games with 0% progress" enabled in my profile options, and from my profile they are not seen, so far all good, the problem is that when I see my profile in "incognito" mode of Chrome, and I see the section of plataforms from my profile, for example, of Steam or RetroAchievements, still shows me the games that have 0% progress, when I had already hidden the games with "%0 progress" from my profile options.

Why does this happen?


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Enforcer Team
Game Info Editor
You need to verify your accounts in order for the settings to stick while not logged in. This shouldn't happen if verified.

Unfortunately though we haven't added a way of verifying RA accounts at this time, but for the other accounts you have linked it's supported.