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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by eighty4, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. eighty4

    eighty4 Active Member

    So far I've been looking for invites to private trackers, invite-only forums and private FTP access download sites. So instead of me starting up millions of threads, I've made this single one in order to see who has invites to what and willing to trade or give out for what.

    I have one yayhooray invite so far, and will be getting another what.cd invite on the 8th.

  2. EriCKY

    EriCKY Member

    what's yay hooray

    i like the layout
  3. eighty4

    eighty4 Active Member

    It's a site filled with web designers, coders, etc. But that's not the focus - it's to just go around posting whatever you feel like but doing it correctly.

    Here's what I'm trying to show:

  4. ChurchedAtheist

    ChurchedAtheist Your resident psycho hobo

    I have a demonoid and 8 IPTorrents invites, and am looking for a torrentleech or sceneaccess invite.
  5. eighty4

    eighty4 Active Member

    I need a RS one. I have one yayhooray and 4 passthepopcorn.
  6. Adiuvo

    Adiuvo Staff Member

    I just have five Demonoid ones right now. Don't really need anything, so it's free. Just send me a PM.
  7. Sullivan

    Sullivan New Member

    I really need a what.cd
  8. ilyace

    ilyace Member

    I've got some demonoid invites if anybody wants one.
  9. Sullivan

    Sullivan New Member

    Frenchy, send me one, I never signed up there. Always wanted to.

    Anyways, I am on queue for a interview at what.cd
  10. Sir_Axxewraith

    Sir_Axxewraith cant fux widdit

    Any decent film site invites, much appreciated.
  11. Mr. Beefy

    Mr. Beefy Suck It Trebek

    You're not gonna pass it, unless you have an intermediate knowledge of transcoding/FLAC/VBR vs. CBR/etc
  12. RoBz

    RoBz sucker

    Tell us how you do.
    PM me your email.
  13. Sir_Axxewraith

    Sir_Axxewraith cant fux widdit

    Robz <3
  14. TacticalPenguin

    TacticalPenguin New Member

    think I could pass it?

    also, I have demonoids, but so does everybody else, so whatever.
  15. twelve

    twelve I'm not dead

    Why do you all constantly act like children. Sullivan asked for an invite. If you don't want to give him one then don't, nothing else needs to be said.
  16. Sullivan

    Sullivan New Member

    Thanks for putting that out there.

    Hey guys, about the what.cd, the "interviews" as they call them can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours! And I was in a line of 4 people, I didn't have time to stick around for a long time. So I will try again after school tomorrow. Just check out there irc.
  17. TacticalPenguin

    TacticalPenguin New Member

    I just got in line next in line 45 mins ago and was logged on 10 mins ago.

    so um nvm mrbeefy I passed
  18. James.

    James. User Not Found

    Any tracker invites that someone would be willing to give me?
    I'm not bothered which one, music would be nice.

    Pm for my email.
  19. RoBz

    RoBz sucker

    What's your nick?
  20. Tooplex

    Tooplex New Member

    Nevermind got one :D This post can be deleted. For my hospitality. PM me for a demonoid code. Ive got 2 to spare.

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