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PC Ijji


eXo's Resident Brony
How good is A.V.A? I'm still in the process of downloading it, and GunZ is pretty good, haven't thought about trying Lunia yet.

And, no; I haven't.

Oh, if you want to add me to Xfire my name is: syth1993


凸'へ'凸 [A.K.A] xBlean
Okay. I will add you when I get on the computer again

honestly, I love A.V.A. I've tried ijji's Soilder Front, and I think it lacks... So many hackers, glitches, and poor game play. With AVA, I never experiance that (As of now, since the update there isn't working hacks... Well, public ones)

about playspan, well... I don't really want to advertise on here, but it's a certified coin seller (like, ijji's "g coins", and etc. The ones you have to pay for). Of course, they have more than just ijji g coins. Of course, you have the option to buy Ultimate Points (it's their currency to buy the "game coins", and like other games you have an option to complete surveys, cell phone offers, and regular offers to earn them. I've never had a problem recieving the Ultimate Points after I did an offer, and in the long run it pays off. You should really check it out. If you want, I could give you more information

also, what other games do you play? xD


eXo's Resident Brony
Ok. :D

I was thinking about downloading that to try it out. But, I'm kinda skeptical on it.

Ahh. Sounds interesting.

Well, as of late I've been playing GunZ. Though my friends have kinda dragged me into downloading Perfect World to play with them on there. I'm also thinking about getting Shaiya.

EDIT: Would you happen to know if the newest version of PW is any different from the original?


凸'へ'凸 [A.K.A] xBlean
Ahh. I like Gunz on private servers

As for PW, I may be as clueless as you. I've played that a loooooong time ago. Sorry

oh! Have you seen the video for "Dragon Nest" yet? It's so cool. To bad it's only in koren right now


eXo's Resident Brony
Yeah, people can be such assholes on there(sorry for the language). I mean, they accuse people of doing stuff, and they turn around and do it themselves. :/

Eh.. It's ok. :3

:O I'll have to check it out, and have you tried S4 League?

On a totally unrelated note: I gotta be up in 4hrs for school, so I'm gonna try to get some sleep. xD


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I absolutely love AVA. Lack of mic support is annoying as well as a lack of maps, but otherwise it's a great game.

I added you on Xfire by the way Sythril.

Exo, do you have one?