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Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 only working at 2.00 Ghz?


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As you can see, my CPU is working at 2ghz (if i'm correct), it's the same with both cores.

In my BIOS it is set to 9x 333 and on the post screen it says 3.0Ghz like it should be working at, but in CPU-Z it isn't, can anyone help me figure this out?

My motherboard is a Gigabyte P35-S3G, flashed with F5 (latest BIOS) yesterday, won't let me overclock at all, if I overclock my computer restarts once (to write CMOS) then restarts again and totally resets my BIOS.

Thankyou, AndyMosh.

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Okay I sorted the reason why my multiplier is only at 6 etc, it was C1E was enabled, still doesn't help as to why I can't overclock it without resetting :(
Does it give an error when you return to the BIOS, ie Overclock failed, restoring optimised defaults?

Also, on high OCs, SpeedStep can become a problem, as the voltage changes can place the processor in an unstable state. Most modest OCs won't have this problem, however. Be aware that changing the FSB also OCs RAM, and puts extra strain on the motherboard and your RAM. That can also make your PC unstable even if the processor can tolerate it.


2 Cups Win, 1 Cup Lulz.
finally, i updated the bios to f3a which people reported allowance of overclocking.


my cpu and ram can handle the above i reckon, people have gotten the CPU to 4.5 but they had to adjust voltages, i got it to 4 using 8x500.