Introducing: Serial Killers

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    Read Serial Killers editorials and journey with me as we explore the game series that, in their infancy were the best of their genre. However, as a result of varying factors they have been slowly degraded over time by companies who continue to seek financial gain by destroying memories of names that we once held dear.

    We will explore each franchise individually based on the main aspects that have been affected and degraded over time whether it be through gameplay, story, sound or graphics[...]

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  2. KezraPlanes

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    Grats on getting your editorial elly.

    Now I should start picking up mine one of these days =\ I've been so damn short on time...

    I've become more of a newsposter with my lack of time.

    Btw, I was thinking of every week making a news with the Playstation Store updates. Since we don't have those anymore.
  3. Dan

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    Good job on getting your own section elly. These should be fun to read.
  4. Lachrymose

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    This is relevant to my interests. Thank you.

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