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The official name of the long rumored Apple tablet. Event is still going on, so details are a bit scarce at the moment, but I'll upset as more information comes out. You can view a liveblog for yourself here: http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/27/live-from-the-apple-tablet-latest-creation-event/?sort=newest&refresh=30

Key Information:
-Looks like a giant iPhone
-Runs iPhone based OS
-Fully customizable homescreen
-Several of the same apps as iPhone
-NO Flash Support at this time
-Youtube app with fullscreen and HD support
-Mail app is extremely well done: message list on left, full message w/ embedded image support on right
-iTunes store built in with library support, ability to purchase/preview songs
-Maps app is extremely responsive. Supports Street View!
-Full capacitive multitouch
-.5 inches thin, 1.5 pounds, 9.7" IPS display
-1GHz Apple A4 chip
-16, 32, 64GB Flash storage
-802.11n, Bluetooth 2.1
-Speaker, microphone, accelerometer, compass
-Claimed 10 hours of active battery life, 1 month of standby time
-App Store built in
-Can run ALL iphone apps unmodified right out of the box
-Can pixel double and run apps fullscreen
-In-app pop-over context menus
-Games run extremely smooth, look much better fullscreen as opposed to text-heavy apps such as facebook
-Developers can of course update their apps to take advantage of iPad
-iPhone SDK supports development for iPad and is being released today
-Actual iPad apps will be featured front and center to make them easy to find
-New York Times app resembles standard newspaper, easy navigation, and embedded video support
-iBooks is built in ebook reader app: Features "bookshelf", built in iBook store, five major partners on board, allows you to change font
-iBook store allows you to download a "sample" of the book
-Supports new version of iWork, much more detailed than other iPhone based apps
-iWork supports different keyboard based on the task you are performing, $9.99 per iWork application, $29.97 for all three apps
-Syncs over USB like iPhone, iTouch
-All iPads have built in wi-fi
-Select models contain 3G, unlimited data is $29.99 per month, $14.99 for 250MB, free use of ATT Hotspots, PREPAID, contract free!
-iPad 3G models are unlocked, use GSM Microsim
-Pricing starts at $499
$499 - 16GB Wifi, $599 - 32GB Wifi, $699 - 64GB Wifi
$629 - 16GB Wifi + 3G, $729 - 32GB Wifi + 3G, $829 - 64GB Wifi + 3G
-Wifi models shipped in 60 days, 3G models ship in 90
-Support for physical keyboard!
-No known phone call support or multitasking



Los Doyers!
It is a jumbo iPod touch basically.

I don't like it being sqaured. I think the screen should have been longer.


Ew. Maybe if it ran osx I would be interested. I would just feel like a dumbass playing Need For Speed with a giant iPod Touch. No flash support, lol. Why doesn't Apple like supporting that at all? Is it licencing issues? Hackers have made the IPT Safari browser have flash(videos) since firmware 1.1.1.


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It's a big iPod Touch with a closed off application source and a browser that's not flash enabled...

Only a fanboy would buy this thing.

Abe Froeman

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I think it looks pretty cool. I'd much rather surf the web from my couch using that as opposed to my iPhone.


Blerk.... no common / freely available apps (AppStore only again), NO MULTITASKING (WTF???), no common OS (like already stated above, at least OSX would've been nice)....

Apple is waaay to restrictive and closed up.... AGAIN....
I'd really a tablet computer, but this pice of unneeded crap.... NO WAY!

El Diablo

Man that looks ugly, can't they come up with a new design or are they going to be using the iPhone/iPod copies for the next 10 years? Is it really worth spending another 500+ dollars for a bigger iPhone for your house...


i would only get it if i where a rich bastard. the technology makes me hard but otherwhise its pretty pointless since i have an iphone. but if i got one for free i would not complain. its still pretty awsome for what it is.

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why do people complain about the design? its pretty awsome.







Los Doyers!
I don't like the square shape. I would have like it to be widescreen.

El Diablo

I think the real question that needs to be asked is, "Will it blend?"

I agree.

I guess it's "pretty awesome" if you're obsessed with apple and love the same exact design and look on every single one of their products.


I just went on twitter looking for this. I searched through the trends and I got "iTampon" and "iBleed"



MD Party Room
I was going to wait for the Keynote to be uploaded but whatever I cant wait. I might get this just for the sole for the movie playback, I been looking for a really light computer with a huge ass screen as a way to kill time while I waiting for someone to pick me up. All I need now is netflix and Hulu and I be all good. I sure it be jailbroken soon almost makes me wish that Geohot was not hacking the ps3 and hacking this. Btw Wtf no hdmi? lol

"The upgraded widescreen version will be called the Max iPad"