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iPhone 4 delayed on Three UK


Staff Member
Just home from the 3store and was talking to the manager.
According to him, he received an email today saying that the launch of the iPhone 4 has been delayed for 2 weeks.
I asked him specifically "Is that the official word from 3?" and he said yes.

Rather disappointing to hear but if this is really true then Three have lost a big chance to get a LOT of people onto their network.


Three is absolute failsauce, I'd go with a different network even if they had it as an exclusive for 2 months if I'm honest.


Meta Moose
The thing with Three is it's a very different experience depending upon where you are in the country. In my college and the surrounding area for example, you have people holding up their phones trying to get a signal.
It's the same where I live. Orange and Three have terrible reception in my area but Vodafone (who apparently have the best coverage over the UK?) are great.

EDIT: I always kind of thought Three was a bit of a joke network... their offers never seem to compete with the other carriers. Plus their adverts are annoying which puts me off, like Orange.