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iPhone/iPod Touch General Discussion


Meta Moose
So... I'm getting my Touch in less than a week. :D

Any tips that you guys have to share? Or any Apps I should install as soon as I get the Touch?
Granite said:
Jailbreaking that baby?
If so get super monkey ball, that keeps me amused for hours xD

I've had trouble putting super monkey ball on the iTouch.

I have the file for it, but i frankly dont know what to do with it, any help?
I say join the ipodtouchfans forums...That my right price of advice.
Agreed. Those forums are the best when it comes to IPODs. Theres also a great application called agilemobile which is ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, and GoogleTalk for your Ipodtouch. It's really good for work. The office i work in does not allow the use of instant messengers on their network so I can use the free city wifi to access my IM accounts. Its worth a look if you're in a similar situation.
Football it great to see you...I had no idea you had a ipod touch...

I work on making a little app list for official and jailbroken...
Oh cool, i might have to check some of those out. I was out of the tech loop for awhile, a long while haha, so right now i still have installer, which i hear is pretty much dead. I'm going to have to look into the alternative when i get the chance.

Thats pretty much the only game off the app store that doesnt get boring immediately. Oh and Spore.
I say get IM+ and Tris
Thanks guys. I'll definitely be getting IM+.

What's Tris and iKlick, though? Sorry, I would look myself, but I'm lazy.
Since I got my Zune I havent used my ipod at all...
It's a shame that the 2g can't be jailbroken yet, looks like I am missing out on some proper fun. :p
Ok guys i need help.
My uncle is living in america for over 20 years. Hes finally comming home for good on the 19th december. So his current phone is broke and needs a new one. He can get an iphone over there for $75 where as over here there over $600.

My questions are:
If he buys one in america can he jailbreak it to work in uk?
does jailbreaking work? or does it break after a couple of months?
Is jail breaking hard to do?

Thanks for your replies.
He cant get the new 3g Iphone...

If it get the first gen Iphone then yes...

and unlocking it is just as easy as using Itunes..