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iPhone/iPod Touch General Discussion



I watched the trailer and I must say that it looks awesome! I wish I had an iPod just to play it xD

Also for an idea, you could have like an "orb" that flips the screen disorientating people. You could also have like some sort of orb that changes the whole mood of the game, the background music and the colours of everything, kinda like how pixeljunk eden works.

Good work though, I really like it :D


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I think it depends on what model you have. Do you have a 1st gen, 2nd gen or 3rd gen IPT?

I think that the 3rd gen's, along with some of the 'newer' 2nd gen's can't be jailbroken.

in fact , i dont know !!!!
it's not mine.
but i think it's a 3nd Gen (buy recently)

thank for the reply ;)


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3rd gen ipods can be jailbroken, just tethered but still jailbroken.


3rd gen ipods can be jailbroken, just tethered but still jailbroken.

His is 3.1.3, which, i do not believe has been jailbroken.

I'm on Cydia now, and the 3.1.3 warning says this:
[FIELDSET="3.1.3 Warning"]This warning applies to owners of:
- 3GS
- iPod Touch 3
- iPod Touch 2 w/ serial *MC*
- Any 3g Unlockers

- Update adds no new features, don't update
- update kills(removes) your jailbreak
- can't be jailbroken on above ipod models[/FIELDSET]


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Looks like the best iPhone yet in terms of aesthetics and I'm sure it'll surpass the 3G iPhones in terms of performance too. I don't quite understand the need for a front-facing camera as I wasn't aware that video-calls are even that popular.


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Job's "Thoughts on Flash"

Job's response about flash. The lack of flash on the iPhone still seems stupid. I also like how Jobs believes that HTML5 = New Flash.

Well it's not like his points are invalid, they are all valid points. Flash does drain the battery more and that's an important factor on mobile devices. I'm not sure what the HTML5 numbers are though, those will be interesting to see. HTML5 however really does seem to be the future beyond Flash, although it's stupid to discredit/ignore the sites out there that do require flash or use flash for their own features.