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iPhone/iPod Touch General Discussion

It's just that Flash is completely different from HTML, and developers who have been using Flash cannot simply be expected to turn around and learn HTML5, which is a completely different technology. HTML5 has some of the features of Flash, but it's not a successor to it. Flash is used for more than just streaming video.

Battery life's a poor argument as well. Games are allowed on the iPhone OS, and they chew up battery life, why allow them? Users aren't complete morons, they can manage their own batteries.

Also, here's Adobe's Response.

I'm liking how the new iPhone looks. I've always disliked it's curved-shell backing.

Oh, and this is pretty funny regarding the Gizmodo leak.


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More news about the leak surfaced today -- an email from Gizmodo editor Brian Lam and Steve Jobs.

Gizmodo e-mail to Jobs: 'We have nothing to lose' | Apple - CNET News

After reading it I can't say I have much sympathy for Gizmodo. He backmailed Jobs for official acknowledgement despite knowing full well that the phone in question was legit, basically threatening that they'd get a confirmation one way or another. Complaining that Apple doesn't give them enough access in the email wasn't a smooth move either. Makes you look real childish.


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Picked myself up a 32GB 3rd gen iTouch today to replace my outdated 1st gen 16GB. My old one is getting worse and worse battery life, and since it's no longer supported, I decided to just go ahead and get a new one. I still want to be able to use all the apps I know and love and have the latest and greatest features. Figure I'll pass on my old one to my mom since she's been wanting an MP3 player for a while, and I doubt she'll really care if she has all the latest features and all that fancy stuff.


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Yeah, definitely a nice upgrade in my opinion. I wasn't sure I wanted to go ahead and do it, but I'm glad I did. Just picked up Robot Unicorn Attack from the App Store as well. SO addicting.


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I hadn't seen the issue myself before I sold my 3G but my gf has noticed some slowdown. I think it may be related to network issues since I was on the Three UK network while she was on o2.

This would be reinforced by the fact that the iPod touch 2g works brilliantly on iOS4 but it really shouldn't happen when it's affecting stuff like viewing messages, emails or loading music.


Got to try out the Iphone 4 over the weekend and man... Now I hate my old 3gs crappy screen. :(

And the "death grip" is almost impossible to get to work over here in Sweden. Not unless you are out way up north in the woods or something since we have such good network. Hope I can afford the new ipod touch when it comes later since i cant get a new iphone. THAT SCREEN. DAMN.



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So GeoHot is coming out with a new jailbreak which will be able to jailbreak all iDevices it seems like. Release date is 10/11/10