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iPhone/iPod Touch Themes Thread!


Los Doyers!

Custom Carrier: MakeItMine (can be found in Cydia)

Also, notice the fake 3G icon :p. The 3G icon replaces the WiFi icon if your connection is full.

edit: If anyone knows how to change the background so it's not the regular blue diagonal stripes, then post it here please!
SSH into your iPod and go to the Theme folder then remove/replace the wallpaper pic.


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Thanks, I just learned the SSH thing yesterday, now I'm getting the hang of it.

Does it look better than before?


what chat program is that?

Additional Comment:
never mind I put 2 and 2 together from the two pictures


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Is there a way to get the Mail icon to show up on a Touch?
I believe that is the SMS icon right?


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How the hell did you get that middle part with the weather and time to display?
Got Winterboard but I haven't been keeping up with new things being released in Cydia lately.