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iPhone keeps shutting off.


Hey guys,

I mistakenly got my iPhone 4 wet in the pool, I dried it out in a bowl of rice for about 4-5 days, and tried it yesterday, it turned on and everything worked perfect. Except, if I used it for more than a minute or two it would just shut off. Though if I just used it for 1 minute and then, locked it, then use it for another minute and continue this trend, it's fine. I guess the obvious first step is to restore it, I'll be doing that in the next few days (I have to reinstall windows, I'm running Ubuntu right now). Anyway, I'm expecting it will either just work itself out or restoring it will fix it. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas, is it a hardware problem, perhaps a battery problem, I don't think so but I know some of you guys know way better than me.

Give me your thoughts.


Staff Member
Definitely hardware issue. If you took it to an Apple store then there's a risk that you may get a jobsworth who will refuse to look at it based on it falling into water. Best you could do is possibly disassembling it and putting all the parts separately into a bag of rice, getting rid of the air and sealing it. Should be more effective than just placing the phone as a whole in some rice.


Yeah I figure I wouldn't get too much help at an Apple store, but I'm in Greece for a few more weeks anyway so that's not even a possibility. It's been approaching 40 degrees while I was drying the phone and I would put the bowl in the sun for a few hours during the day, so it should be already dry right?

I just tried charging it last night, and the battery logo would get the charging "lightning bolt" symbol but then it would change to the "plug" symbol, and it just wouldn't charge. I just ordered a replacement battery, and it comes with the pry tool so I might wait until then to open to make sure I don't scuff it up.