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iPhone OS 3.0 Announced and Detailed


Los Doyers!
Do you guys download cracked apps from the App Store? What about some of these developers who create worthwhile stuff and people don't pay for it? If you're a developer, then you know that a good application takes much time to build. Wouldn't you want to be payed for this? Some developers aren't *poor* at its worst sense, but there are developers who don't have much money either and they've decided to devote themselves to writing some of these apps. You're cheating them.
Just about every app I bought was garbage. So I'd rather get them for free.


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Please remain on topic, all recent PSP-related posts have been deleted. If you wish to continue the discussion you MUST create a new thread (which was told to you before..)


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I didn't read the rest of the comments, but the copy and paste seems pretty good. It seems like it could be a bit easier, but come to think of it I don't really know how. The "undo" functionality seems a little hard to use, though. Overall this seems like a good update with some needed features like Spotlight, copy/paste, push notifications, and stereo bluetooth. MMS is also very welcomed.