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[iPod Touch] Difference between the 2nd and 3rd Gen iPod Touch


ceebs. :)

I just received my iPod Touch a few weeks ago. I was just wondering, is there any proper way to know whether your iPod is a 2nd or 3rd Generation model?

Help would be really appreciated.

PS: Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I couldn't find the right one to place it in.

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3rd gen comes with bundled remote earphones with microphone.

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I know that the 32gb and 64gb ones are 3rdg. Not sure about fw. Maybe the serial code references generation?


I know that the 32gb and 64gb ones are 3rdg. Not sure about fw. Maybe the serial code references generation?
My 3rd gen came with 3.1.2. All 3rd gens (from what I have read) are packaged with either 3.1.1 or 3.1.2. 3rd gen also has the Voice Memo app on the Home page (first page on springboard)

The 3rd gens also have some hardware upgrades, afaik.

That's all I can think of. I am 99% sure that all is correct

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If you aren't sure yet....
Settings --> General --> About --> Model (this can be located on the ipod touch screen)
You should see your model number there, use google search find out which gen is yours.
Thats how I found mine.

Example-- you might see few sites like bestbuy,target,apple.
Apple 3rd Generation 8GB iPod Touch - MC086LL/A : Target

Should be 3rd gen


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The 3rd-gen had some key speed improvements. Making the device faster in a lot of ways.

Cydia is slightly faster in loading (assuming you jailbreak it)
Some games run faster (Resident Evil's load times are WAAAAAAAAY faster)
Web-browsing is faster
Same-special fingerprint resistant coating from the 3GS (which is some bullshit since mine has a shit-ton of fingerprints)


My 2nd Gen iPod Touch has Voice Memo on the home screen too...? Don't know if thats of any relevance, just though tI'd point it out. :tup:
Yeah, i noticed that awhile ago too while messing with my friends 2nd gen.

oops i was wrong... oh wellz