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Is it possible to delete games from your Exophase profile?


New Member
Rogue Tower keeps coming back as it still shows in your recently played list on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Ralyis/games/

That's why it is still picked up during a scan. After two weeks have passed, it should drop off of the list there and we'll no longer be able to see it. So, remind us again then and we'll delete it here.

I'm not sure about The Last of Us Part II issue, it's showing June 20 as last played here as of now which seems to be correct. There might be a delay on when PSN updates the last played date vs the trophies themselves, I'll look into that.
Thank you for the information, didn't know Steam would still show it there even though it got refunded :)

And yes, I did play some The Last of Us Part II today, so that is correct - thank you for looking into it ☺️