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iSnooze V2.0 Hits The App Store - Drift Off Into A Natural Sleep


PSP Coder
iSnooze! - Drift off into a natural sleep.

(This is my first App for the iPhone and I hope you guys get as much use out of it as I have done (great for those of you like me with kids :p) )

iSnooze! is an app that helps you drift off into a natural sleep & importantly wakes you up the
morning after!.

iSnooze! features a variety of relaxing studio quality sounds, designed to relax you and help you drift off into a natural sleep.

iSnooze! has been designed with sleep in mind, your tired and want nothing more than to fall asleep. With it's simple intuitive design, iSnooze helps you quickly select the sound you want and with a tap of a button, starts playing the selected sound to help you sleep, with the option of setting it