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  1. Ravi

    Ravi New Member

    I want to achieve the achievement JACKPOT!!.
    Can anyone help me in finding the location??
  2. Zeriam

    Zeriam New Member

    In Zone 4, The Casino, you will unlock a door upon defeating 29 monsters.
    When that door opens, you have access to slot machines.
    Stand under any slot machine and press [​IMG] to activate the machine. Press [​IMG] again to spin it.
    It costs $10 a spin. The $10,000 prize is for lining up 3 sevens.

    This trophy is the only real grind in the game.
    It could go very fast for you, or it could go very slow. It seems to just depend on luck.
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  3. Decepticon

    Decepticon New Member

    This achievement is for earning the jackpot on the slot machine.
    You first encounter the slot machines in Zone 4. After defeating 29 monsters, a door will open up with an area filled with Slot machines. You can start up one of the slot machines with the [​IMG] button. The jackpot is for hitting 3 sevens. This will earn you $10,000. There is no real strategy here, as this achievement is entirely luck-based. You might unlock this achievement on your 4 try or your 400th try. Going for this achievement earlier rather than later is a better plan, as you'll have more cash to spend on weapon upgrades and miscellaneous costumes.
  4. Ravi

    Ravi New Member

    It was really depressing for me. It took 4 days for me to get unlock.
    Total luck no skill required for this achievement.
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