Consumer Kaz Hirai Takes Steps To Unify Sony's Management Structure

Discussion in 'Articles' started by x3sphere, Mar 28, 2012.

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    Former PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai is already making big changes in his new role as CEO of Sony, today announcing a plan to unify the company's management structure and increase efficiency. Hirai will helm a "management team that will work together with the heads of each business group and platform." Dubbed 'One Sony,' the changes go into effect on April 1 and aim to "significantly reinforce and accelerate Sony's overall business management."

    Notably, Sony is positioning digital imaging, game and mobile as the three core pillars of its electronics business[...]

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  2. hush404

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    I honestly think having Hirai at a position of power will be good for the company.
  3. Hellcat

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    Muahahaaaa, iLol'ed.

    Sony should rethink how they treat their customers, that's what they should do....
    Unless the general idea is "Unified, we can smash and rip off all customers of all our branches even better!", then yes, unite away.

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