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KFC vs. Popeyes vs. Church's Chicken


Your resident psycho hobo
All of those lose. My grandmother has a coop in Mexico with chickens she raises her self. Now that stuff is the good stuff. All natural. Fast food has nothing on her.

lucky. cooking is a dead art around me. no one I know goes beyond boxed food anymore(ie instant mashed potatoes and stoughers lasagna


Your resident psycho hobo
Brb watching Little Nickey for the first time in 5 years.

Only place I tried is KFC. Drove past a few Popeyes in Florida, but didn't try.

Popeye's chicken is the shiznit!

one of my fave movies of all time. dunno why.


I thought it was 'shizniz'

Popeysh chicken is fucken aweshum...

then again so is KFC... KFC for me.

Sonika guad

New Member
There are one popeyes nearby, if I had to arrange them in the order of my favorites it's popeyes>Church's>KFC. nothing in the world can compete with the taste of Popeyes chicken sandwich. The best part of Popeyes chicken sandwich is its thicker pickles which are not available in other competitor fast-food chains. to get Free Popeyes chicken sandwich to participate in popeyes customer satisfaction survey only at tellpopeyes


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