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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by iSinflux, Nov 20, 2016.

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    I'm looking to find a good set of players to really have a more immersive experience playing this game. Prefer you to be 21+ but 18+ is fine. Bonus points if you have played the original Killing Floor. Even more bonus points if you've played Killing Floor (1) before it ever saw a retail release.

    Other then that, who has this game, and what's your opinion on it so far? Definitely my go to game for the " zombie survival " experience. It's nice seeing TripWire finally getting some much needed love and attention. And here's to hoping Rising Storm makes it way on to consoles. ( I only say this because I miss PC gaming but too broke to afford a new build for now)

    Oh, iSinflux is my PSN handle.
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    KNACK on PS4
    only just started playing it its warming up to me but there's barely any people on it

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