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Leaderboards and profile


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I had a question about the leaderboards do they update avery 24 hours or when I syinc my profile on Google play I see on my profile it gives me all the achievements I earned through the day I dident know how the leaderboards work with ranking on the Google leaderboards but on my profile it syinc avery time I update my profile if some can give me any insight on this I really appreciate it thank you


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Syncing your profile is completely separate from the leaderboard update. In order to accurately update your rank, we also need to update the rank of all other profiles, so this only done once a day.

EDIT: I'm not exactly sure why you created multiple threads on the same topic, btw. It's pretty obvious you are posting under multiple user accounts, so I deleted the other threads.
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Thank you that help me out to know how it works on the sight here someone told me it did it avery time you sign in did they change it now aloy of people are saying that so I thought I would find out thanks