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LG something or other running Droid 2.something 3G issue.


My girlfriend has a LG something running Droid 2.something with Virgin Mobile as a carrier. Recently a problem has propagated on her device that prevents the 3G network adapter from reconnecting to whatever kinda source it associates to once it looses the connection temporarily despite it's ability to see the signal strength fine. I've read some on this and it has supposedly come about from some programs that may have been downloaded from the market place have fucked with the management of the 3G.
The only solution provided in the little bit of research I did was to somehow restore the phone to factory, and to not install the apps that caused it, but since I don't know what apps cause it and would have no idea how to go about restoring the phone or if that would fuck with the Virgin Mobile service since I have no idea how they track the phone and it's all managed online with no retail outlet supporting the brand that option does not seem viable. /runonsentence

This problem is easily resolved temporarily by rebooting the phone, or going in and out of airplane mode, but it pisses her off and she wants it to fucking work as intended.

Anyone know more about phones/droid want to give me some ideas?