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Droid List of games with buggy Google play achievements!


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in Checkers 2 there is a lot of impossible achievements, that require winning in dificulties that don't even exist in the game (there are 4 difficulties in the game, and the achievements are made for 7)


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1) (https://www.exophase.com/game/max-fury-road-warrior-car-smasher-android/achievements/ )The King - Defeat Epic Boss.
2) (https://www.exophase.com/game/dead-paradise-android/achievements/ ) - Champion - win 4th Car. This achievement is questionable. The developers ignore the question of which car it is # 4. Logically, this is a tank from the final boss or a prize car from a competition. I got all the cars in the game, except for the paid one for $ 10.
3) (https://www.exophase.com/game/mad-day-2-shoot-the-aliens-android/achievements/ ) have 3 or even 4 broken achievements. "Juggernaut, Master of socks, Stylish, Time killer. I got 6 of the 7 available costumes, and in the achievement - need to get 5 costumes. Also there are mixed up achievements for 3-4th bosses. When the third boss is killed, you get the 4th boss achievement, respectively, for the fourth - 3th boss.

All these games are from one developer. Perhaps a fourth game can be added to this list, but knowing the devil-may-care attitude of this developer in the description of the achievement, one "0" may be missing, and the vague description of "spend 3 days in the game" - spend 72 hours to check it ... no, thanks ...

P.S. found a duplicate / clone of the game on the portal. "Mad day 2" and "Mad day 2: Shoot the aliens" Achievements are identical, but the list of players is different.


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P.S. found a duplicate / clone of the game on the portal. "Mad day 2" and "Mad day 2: Shoot the aliens" Achievements are identical, but the list of players is different.
Probably an alternate region version or maybe an earlier release that got removed and the devs uploaded a newer build under a different AppID in its place.

Talking about alternate games. Anyone know how to tie different region releases to your profile? I've tried playing Japanese games on my US account a few times but the achievements won't show up. I've tried using third party store fronts to download the games and I've also tried getting them off apk warehouse sites (btw I'm talking about free to play games such as Jump Stadium that cost nothing, this doesn't involve piracy so no one has to freak out).
One thing I never bothered to try but could work is to create a Japanese Google account to download the games and then try booting the game up with my non-Japanese account. Doubt that would work though as old delisted free games will show up on my profile even if they're downloaded from a third party source.


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This game, getting to Level 5. Anyone of u, feel free to give it a test to see if its not just me. It should only take about 2 minutes.
I got the achievement "reach level 2" and "reach level 15". "Reach level 5" is missing. Out of 100,000+ players, no one got it. She's definitely broken.


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Astro blaster. You can do some, but can't get any of the collectibles because ads no longer work.

Idle fishing story. Only one achievement, reach level 2. Got a few more levels and still didn't unlock


Spot the Differences the achievements of playing 10 and 50 games in 2 player mode is no longer dropping. From what I saw, the last one to get legitimately was in 2016. One user got it in 2019 but he's already been banned as a Cheater so he probably didn't do it right. Also because + 2 players were left with these 2 achievements missing just like me and who played in 2019. So I can say that since 2019 at least these achievements are no longer possible



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Due to the recent announcement MGS 2/3 were being removed from all digital store fronts, it made me remember that Nvidia had some Google Play enabled exclusives.
Went back and looked up some old games and found these to be removed from the Nvidia store:
MGS 2/3
Tomb Raider (2013)
Borderlands 2/TPS
Codex TW (Achievements for this were probably always broken anyway)

If anyone has backups of those, let me know for preservations sake. The MGS games will probably come back but I doubt the Borderlands titles ever will.

While looking up Tomb Raider I also discovered the classic TR 1-3 games were also removed. They weren't Shield exclusive but figured I'd mention them anyway.
And since I'm mentioning delisted games, a while back Capcom yanked down all their classic titles:
I have working copies of all the MMs and GnG but not of the other two.