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Droid List of games with buggy Google play achievements!


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Deer Hunter classics, killed over 20K animals bu the achievement to kill 10K never popped.

Mortal Kombat (Mobile) has a lot of broken ones that didn't unlock, I should have completed the game 100%.

Tekken Mobile was known to have broken achievements when they were discontinuing the game, the stopped popping like one month before. At least for me.


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Civilization revolutions 2.
The first time you install will connect to google play, you can earn as many achievments as you can. After you can launch the game but it won't connect, therefore you can't earn further achievments. Makes me sad because I love this game


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In theotown there is so many achievement bug that can't be be unluck even though u already completed it,also hthere is so many ultrarare achivemenrs because of it.