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Droid List of games with buggy Google play achievements!


Yang tempa/upgrade 100 kali itu gak work bang.
Gamenya terakhir di update di bulan Juni, tapi ada yg dpt achievement Cursed Luck di bulan Agustus.
Yg bermasalah entah game atau Play Gamesnya, mungkin dua"nya.. GPlay kadang emang gaje siii~

Maybe it's because the Play Games wasn't properly connected somehow, even though the internet connection is fine, I had that issue with Onmyoji Arena.
And now every time I open a game, I check the in game GPGames achievements list just to make sure it's connected properly :<


This also kinda annoying..
In some games like ScourgeBringer, you can't even see the pop up greeting when you open the game (that "Hey there, your account name"), so I have no clue whether the Play Games is connected or not, thankfully it was not a hard or time consuming achievement that I missed.

To make sure it's connected, I have to change the setting:
Play Games app> setting> change account for games> select the specific game> ask each time.
This way, you'll be asked which account you gonna use every time you open the game, and if not, that means the game isn't connected to Play Games.


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I noticed that the secret achievements for Old Friends (by Runaway) were all unobtainable (0.00% it says on the page). I read the story where Bagel tried to escape, but never got the achievement associated with it.

Just thought I'd make note of it here.


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Does anyone have any insight on the Clash of Clans "Games Champion" GPlay achievements?

1st one has not triggered for me, working towards tier 2 of it month after month to see if it'll be the same before making a bug report to Supercell, but was curious if it was already a known issue on here?