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Looking for a game from my childhood


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Hello, i am looking for a game from my childhood, I looked everywhere and I cant find it, I hope you can help me.
It was a browser 2D game. On the same concept as Age of War. You spawned units and you had to destroy the enemy base. However, this game had smaller units (or you could say that the camera was from a greater distance) than Age of War and u didn't progress as in AoW. What was special was that at the end of the game (when the enemy base got to half or 0 hp, not sure) it would rise and march on le routerlogin gs towards your base.
I am not exactly sure but I think that there was only some military-like units and that it had kinda nice graphics. Like more smooth than in AoW.
I played it last time about 10 years ago.
Thank you for every answer!
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