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Looking for PSN friends


Looking for someone to play or talk about games Co-op and actually do these things and not just sit on my friends list I can do mornings and some nights just looking for someone who's consistent who likes playing video games

Game list
The Division 2
Fallout 76
Path of Exiles once it comes out in March hopefully
Stardew valley whatever Co-op comes out for that
Realm Royale


New Member
Psn: Kelss_xx (Currently using my PS3 atm)
Hi, My name's Kelly. I'm 26, from London. I'm looking for some adult gamer friends (preferably girls please) to play online, or just chill & talk :) ,
Games I play -
Black ops 3
Battlefield 3 ( I've just started playing so might be a bit rusty lol)
Uncharted 3
( I'm adding more games to the collection, not sure what to get. Any suggestions? :)