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Looking for recommendations for an iPhone 4 case

Got the PixelSkin HD. I removed the Zagg completely from the remaining sides since it didn't let the case sit flat against the screen. Cleaned the case of all particles so the back won't get scratched. Zagg turned out to be a waste since I wasn't expecting to ever receive the case. The power button is very easy to press, easier than without the case. I'm worried I'll accidentally activate the LED shortcut while it's in my pocket. It's a really nice case, but the phone doesn't look like an iPhone 4 anymore :(
My Grove case has finally shipped! I literally maxed out my credit card on this thing but I think it'll be totally worth it. Need to get my credit limit increased. It never seems sufficient for iTunes and PayPal.

I found this in case someone is looking for something like the Grove.
That is a really nice looking metal case.
It's actually bamboo. It's nice, I can't stop looking at it. The imperfections are also nice; emphasises its handmade...ness.

Now I'm worried I'll damage the case :/

The engraving is much deeper than I expected, almost a millimeter. Maybe I should have inverted the image so there was less black. Wonder if the resulting thinness has affected the structural integrity. If it breaks I'll probably get the Element case.
Thanks. I'm liking it more the longer I've had it. Adds a lot of character to the phone. Always a conversation starter and ends with them being shocked at the price.

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I've never even heard of that Zagg thing before, but it looks like it would come in handy if it holds 4 full iPhone charges.
The battery life on mine is just bullshit. I barely make it through the day compared to my E63 which I used to charge once in 3 or 4 days even with push email. Going out of town in the coming months and will definitely need something like this.


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Mine usually lasts 2 days with listening to music, quick browsing of a few sites like FML or lifehacker and with push email too :\ if I play a few games though, it eats up the battery a lot. Playing THPS2 last night on an hour long bus journey reduced my battery from about 30% to around 13% :S


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Torch's case looks like something you'd see on eBay being flogged for 99p. Plus I don't understand why Che has become a fashion icon.
You can pretty much find crappy versions of anything on eBay. It looks like raw wood in my photo. It's actually shiny like their site photos. It's not Che, it's Leonidas. Why would I put Che on it?