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Looking for recommendations for an iPhone 4 case

I've never been too fond of cases; I use a leather pouch thingy. It's useful as it has a slot to hold my train tickets, and I can take out the iPhone and get close and personal with it.

Of course, it's gotten quite worn, and I've yet to find one as good as it.


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I've stopped using a case over the last month. I just didn't like the added extra bulk of a case. I didn't have any issues with signal before or after taking off the case so it's all good. Now I just have to hope I don't drop it :p
I've found that any sort of protection is completely unnecessary for daily use. No need for a screen protector or damage absorbing cases. It just doesn't get scratched or break without considerable force.

The primary reason to buy a case would be for aesthetic reasons or at the most to protect the side metal band from getting dented or scratched.


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So I just got a 4s and looking fro a nice case, does anyone think this is going to be a good case ?


Do I even really need a case for the iphone 4s? Is it better to get a cheap silicone case or a something like the Speck PixelSkin HD. I was pretty rough with the Epic 4g and the iphone looks like it cant really take a fall at all.


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Well good thing I dident win that item. From what I heard they fixed in the pro edu but @150 it not really worth it. So what kind of case do you recommend
I had an Atomic Composite and a Grove bamboo case. Both improved the signal. I have the Pixelskin HD as well but it's ugly and very hard to press the buttons. It's the best silicone/plastic type case though.


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I really like the Atomic Composite case however that junk cost way to much money