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Looking to invest in a good headset


Justin B / Supp. Editor
Enforcer Team
Just got my sound card and installed it today and I found out the hard way that the SPDIF input does not decode 5.1 audio sources, meaning that you cannot output the sound from the Xbox 360 into the sound card when using Dolby Digital, instead you have to change it to stereo mode. This was listed on their support site but only on the bottom of a single page on the topic as a small note. Here's a nice thread on the entire issue: The Inconvenient Truth about SPDIF Input! - AVS Forum

So that just shoots down one of the main reasons why I got the sound card.... :cry: However it's a nice sound card and I've been meaning to get a dedicated sound card for a while now so I'm happy with my purchase in the end. Guess I won't be using my headphones with the 360 unless I want 2-channels only. Well a lesson well learned here people! Take heed!

EDIT: And I found the reason why: "For licensing and copyright protection purposes, soundcard manufacturers are
effectively prevented from adding DD/DTS decoders to their products." So it is possible but manufacturers are prevented from adding decoding hardware/software to their PC products. It really sucks but oh well.