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Mac Pro now available, starting at $3,000, with many more expensive upgrades



Apple’s fancy new computer that you probably aren’t going to buy, the new Mac Pro, will finally be available to lust after starting tomorrow.
The desktop is quite nice — its trash can aesthetic perhaps not so much — and boasts a 3.7GHz quad-core Xeon E5 processor, 12GB of RAM, dual AMD FirePro D300 graphics cards, and a relatively meager 256GB SSD. This model starts at a lofty $2,999. For an extra grand, you can upgrade to dual D500 GPUs, 16GB of RAM, and a six-core Xeon E5.*If you’re going all-out, though, you can drop a bunch of extra cash and stuff your new Mac Pro full of 64GB of RAM, and a very expensive 1TB SSD.

Adding to the cost, the Mac Pro doesn’t come with a display like most traditional desktops don’t, but those upgrading from the all-in-one iMac might forget that. On top of that, though not much of an issue, the Pro also doesn’t come with a keyboard and mouse. Again, something that traditional desktops normally forego, but something Apple owners are used to receiving with their single iMac purchase.

The Mac Pro is a powerful machine, and its cylindrical aesthetic is unique to the desktop arena. The rig is expensive, but you’re not getting too fleeced on the deal considering the return in power. You certainly don’t need the Mac Pro’s power for standard computing tasks, but if your job sees a fair amount of resource-intensive work — like video production, for example — the Mac Pro wouldn’t be a regrettable purchase.

You can salivate over or order the rig from Apple.

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