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Manually add completion goals for games without achievements / trophies


New Member
wouldn't it be nice to have a few more manual options for tracking games without achievements / trophies?

It is already possible to manually add the number of hours spent in any game. Wouldn't it be interesting to be able to manually flag achievements / milestones of completion, to keep track of your progress history even in games without achievements / trophies?

You could think of completion goals / milestones universally shared across any game, such as:
-Story completed
-Hard Mode completed
-100% completed

I realize that some users may abuse it, but it would be enough to put these completion goals / milestones in a separate category with no score, and without any influence on the overall score?

It would be very cool to be able to at least keep track of having completed any game in your library and player history, even if there are no achievements / trophies to certify it.