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Have you thought about this? One score for all the platforms?

I'm definitely not someone who chases these scores, BUT it would be cool to see the score grow, as you play on separate platforms.

The system definitely would need some thought though as it's not obvious how to equalize achievements from entirely different platforms.

Maybe just start with a "Total" for all platforms. Some kind of "ExoPhase Level System".

Example: you have 352 achievements/trophies across all platforms supported by ExoPhase. You're level 3. To get to level 4, you need to earn 48 more.

Or something like that.
By the way, are there any other services like yours at the moment (not sure you're comfortable to name them), which agregate achievements from different platforms? In the past there were raptr and Playfire, but they totally deflated over the years.
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Ya something like this was suggested a few months back: https://forums.exophase.com/threads/achievement-score-ranking-for-steam.30784/#post-235600

Basically we were thinking of taking the achievement rarity and weigh it against the average time it takes to complete a game to create the scores.

Regarding other sites, I don't mind if they are mentioned here. I'm only really familiar with Raptr/Playfire myself though. In fact Raptr was the main reason I decided to develop my own system, their tracking never seemed to work properly.
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I think a metascore total is an excellent idea. I currently use TrueAchievements, TrueTrophies and TrueSteamAchievements but they're 3 seperate sites which is a bit annoying.

I think they work their scores out on TrueSteamAchievements by giving each achievement a base score of 10 and then use rarity to work out how much each achievement is worth.
Sounds like an nice idea, but the few issues do arise.

One option is the time to complete or Platinum. However only two of the Currently supported platforms have time played fully supported. (Steam, Xbox One & some Windows 10 games) Everything else, must be worked out from other means. One option to get Time played would be First to Last time stamps. This could technically work, it has a few issues too. Mainly many people taking break then completing it.

OK, Some Steam games that I like to call noticeable pains: (These are examples of said games.)

1. Dustforce - 2 achievements, but the time to beat is actually high, as both are complete the game, one for using and the other for not using a continue.
2. Tales of Maj'Eyal - 1638 Achievements, but then it's hard and time consuming to complete (and DLC may be included).
3. Zup 5 - 2130 Achievements, given out like candy.. I think it takes longer to see the popups than the actual achieving them.

Steam counts Dustforce as a low scorer as there only 2 achievements to get, so games like Tales and Zup better scores.
If we treat a games at a set value and DLC as another, so Dustforce could get high scores, while Tales and Zup drop down.

Many other sites are based on a fomula based on the ratio of Owners and achievers. Dustforce and Tales would be high while Zup is low. (TSA/TT/TA only counts someone who have a Achievement/trophy before it counts as owned.)

With times and ratio, Dustforce would be high, with Tales having increasingly higher scores as the later ones unlock. Zup would be low.

Just one issue to note is Clicker/idle games, and some "timer" games, they inflate the play time with timers so it may take a long time to complete, but don't take much skill: I have sank 1107 hours in to Clicker heroes, and would out do most of the non-clicker/idle games in time.
In addition to this it would be cool to implement (maybe few years down the road) an infinite timeline (which doesn't expire) that would showcase one's FULL "gaming path" from the very beginning to the present moment.

The profile overview that exists now kinda does that, but I would like to see it presented in a human language, more akin to TrueAchievements' timeline (theirs expires though, which is a big minus). Example:

-<such and such> started a new game <new game's name> on PS4
-<such and such> earned 2 achievements in Xbox 360 game <game's name>
-<such and such> achieved a total playtime of 10 hours in a Steam game <game's name>