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    Have you thought about this? One score for all the platforms?

    I'm definitely not someone who chases these scores, BUT it would be cool to see the score grow, as you play on separate platforms.

    The system definitely would need some thought though as it's not obvious how to equalize achievements from entirely different platforms.

    Maybe just start with a "Total" for all platforms. Some kind of "ExoPhase Level System".

    Example: you have 352 achievements/trophies across all platforms supported by ExoPhase. You're level 3. To get to level 4, you need to earn 48 more.

    Or something like that.
  2. TVippy

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    By the way, are there any other services like yours at the moment (not sure you're comfortable to name them), which agregate achievements from different platforms? In the past there were raptr and Playfire, but they totally deflated over the years.
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  3. x3sphere

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    Ya something like this was suggested a few months back:

    Basically we were thinking of taking the achievement rarity and weigh it against the average time it takes to complete a game to create the scores.

    Regarding other sites, I don't mind if they are mentioned here. I'm only really familiar with Raptr/Playfire myself though. In fact Raptr was the main reason I decided to develop my own system, their tracking never seemed to work properly.
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  4. TVippy

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    Interesting. So do you think Metascore is worth implementing?

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