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Monitor Refresh Rate 75, PC think's it's 60

I was messing about in RivaTuner, and I noticed something interesting.

Apparently, my monitor (ACER V243HQ) has a refresh rate of 75MHz, not 60Mhz. Google searching confirms this.

Thing is however, games always VSync at 60. Shouldn't they do that at 75, seeing as my refresh rate is 75?

I'm not exactly sure on how to fix this, I was hoping someone with more knowledge on the topic could lend a hand.


Just set your refresh rate to 75Hz in Windows. Games also have their own refresh rate settings which might not be accessible in some games and always runs at 60Hz. Refresh rate also depends on the resolution. At native resolution its rare to find an LCD with more than 60Hz. At lower resolutions you can usually increase the refresh rates.

There is generally no visual difference between running at 60Hz and above except for very fast moving scenes. There are some games like CS 1.6 though where the engine is internally tied to the FPS making it impossible to aim right if it isn't running at 100FPS. If you want VSync, the mouse lag can be mitigated by increasing the number of prerendered frames in the the graphics control panel.