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MD Party Room
Published by: Mastiff
Developed by: Renegade Kid
Release Date: January 13, 2009
Genre: Action

General Features
Renegade Kid's patented formula of sick and twisted FPS adventure features a cinematic storyline and white-knuckle shooting action
Built on the Renegade Engine 2.0, Moon delivers rich environments and robust FPS gameplay that screams at a blistering 60 FPS
Collect alien artifacts and challenge insane difficulty levels to unlock premium hidden content - only the hardcore need apply
Annihilate alien hostiles as you rip up the lunar landscape in your turret-equipped buggy, or pilot the Remote Access Droid to delve into the Moon's darkest corners
Deliver Major Kane's style of intergalactic diplomacy as you wield powerful alien technology like the Lepton Spread - a particle shotgun that can tear your enemies a new black hole


I really thinking about picking this game up..I feel it the next must have ds title.So anyone else plan on picking up this game...


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I've tried it out for a bit. Personally, I think Metroid is better, which is pretty sad considering that game is three years old. By no means is Moon a bad game though.


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Haven't played it and I'm not going to, it reminds me of Doom (despite the fact the reviewer said it wasn't).