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Multiple PSN accounts


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You can always create two separate accounts here to track, however I don't have any plans to support combining accounts at this time. I see why some want it, in particular for combining different region accounts.

If we did add this, how would it impact the leaderboards? Seems to me, the only way to keep things fair would be to exclude anyone that links multiple accounts from the same platform. Or, at least, forced to pick only one of the accounts for ranking purposes. Otherwise, the amount of points you can get is only limited by how many accounts you can create.

Maybe an alternative solution would be to add some way to loosely connect accounts on the site. So you'd create a separate account for each PSN profile you have but you would be able to switch between them without having to logout and log back in.

I guess an optional page could be built, that shows the combined profiles, but it wouldn't affect the main one. The combined profile view would lack things like the ranking information, or anything else we can't easily merge.
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I'm sorry for the necro but I'm also interested in this and didn't want to start a new thread.
Found this thread plus this one regarding multiple accounts: https://forums.exophase.com/threads/multiple-accounts.30940/

Maybe as a premium feature optional page for adding sub-account/multiple region profiles (without any ranking)?
Or as an optional "sub-account"/non-ranked platform that only display the earned trophies in the profile, without contributing to the ranking or anything else from the main account?

I have no idea how hard it would be to display a "sub-account" data but I guess it would be okay to show repeated games as it is a completely separated account anyway, not a merged account and making it a premium feature would compensate for the added server processing I guess.

I moved to a new country and have my trophies across two PSN profiles.
I don't care about the ranking but I would like to 100% the games in my old profile (some have unobtainable online trophies) and see everything in a single page. I would sub for a lifetime premium account just to appease my OCD. :p


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My PSN account was from the PS3 era, than it was hacked and banned, I still linked it here to display (well, 6 plats were nice). Recently bought the PS4 Pro and start gaming on PS4 again, with new account, would be nice to add a sub PSN account, right now it barely has any trophies, but ofc will be plenty in the future with PS5 coming. I would gladly subscribe for premium if this is included. Thanks.


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I'd happily withdraw from the leader boards. I just want all the trophies I've earned to be listed on my profile. Couldn't care less to be in a competition with other people.


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I'm 100% on the same boat.
While I understand and agree that this is unfair for the leaderboards, I don't care about them, I just have 2 PSN accounts, and love to see the progress in here. Specially because I don't play the same game on them. One is for Vita, and other for the rest.


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I always avoided multiple accounts, but when Epic gave away Dying Light recently (which is "indexed" in Germany) it turned out that every account is locked to a region. Normally when I want to get a game that is "banned" in Germany I can simply take a quick trip to the Netherlands (I live near the border) and buy it from there with my OG German account, but Epic doesn't like that

I'm a fan of Exophase right now since having one place to check my activity instead of 10 different platforms is amazing, so I'd love if adding a second account were possible. I think it's fine to exclude additional accounts from the leaderboards if that's a concern

I suppose I can track it manually, but not with achievement progress. Oh well