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Music to suggest?


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ok,suppose that a global forum would have many different people with many different music tastes but may as well give it a shot....

came across a band earlier called Circle Takes The Square....a song of theirs called "Interview in the ruins" was put to the background of a AMV of FF7:Last Order on YouTube i seen earlier.... you can watch the video here

so decided to check them out on MySpace and really quite like them...Circle Takes The Square MySpace page....

they wouldn't be to everyones taste in music,theyre kinda old hardcore punk mixed with something creepy....haha...kinda like The Blood Brothers....definately not for people who hate screaming in songs....although theres minimal use of screaming with them

anyways,check them out :D

and also,post up bands or what not that you think others should check out :D


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My list of fav bands:

Linkin Park
Avenged Sevenfold
Three Days Grace
Shadows Fall


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i was thinking of less established bands and not bands that have some recoginition....

bands like This Years Black

they're a local band to where i live and i'd help out with promoting gigs and stuff.....

but you get the idea :p (i hope.lol)