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Must have iPod/iPhone games?


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Got it yesterday, it's so beautiful but the gameplay is meeeehh...basically you go through the same castle like 20 million times before inevitably dying to the God King since he's so ridiculously fast and difficult...then 20 years passes and apparently your son comes to avenge you.....and is wearing the same gear and has the same stats as when you last died...after 3 or 4 generations, you think they would give up...

Some screenshots

Also, I'm in ur base stealin ur treasures

Yeah, I'd have to agree.

There's no doubt that this is one of the most graphically advanced titles for the iOS platform, but content-wise, there isn't much. They need to add more quests, etc in order to make this a good title.

Gameplay wise, the combat is interesting, including typical RPG elements like inventory, DOT effects, elements, etc. However the exploration aspect is non-existent. Every battle feels like a boss battle, had they added a dungeon-esque style of exploration, this would be awesome.

I'll try to get some iPad screenies as well.


Yeah, fragger's better.

What's with that MIGHTY EAGLE thing anyway? $1 for the ability to skip levels?
It's not exactly a money grab. It adds a new challenge to each level: How much can you destroy with the eagle?

You throw the sardine tin like an airstrike marker. If you destroy 100% you get an additional eagle icon for the level on the level select screen. It's not possible to destory 100% with just the eagle. So you must use the birds to reposition/destroy some stuff and then use the eagle.

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Tiny Wings
It addictive, and cuter than Loco Roco. It warms my blackened heart.... T_T



I've been playing that for a couple weeks now, would definitely recommend it as well, really addictive and fun, but cuter than locoroco? I'd have to disagree, locoroco is cuter than baby laughter.