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My account is not ranked. I need a help.


New Member
This is my account.
I realized that my account is not listed on the leaderborads although I didn't use any cheat programs.
I assume that it happened because there is another account that has a same name which is this https://www.exophase.com/steam/user/rubytic/
This is my first account and it was banned a few years ago because I used save files to get achievements very fast in some games.
I don't use this account anymore and I'm using ruby0925 account currently. I decided not to do any behaviours that are against the achievement site rule since I made the second account, so my current account is totally fine and clean.
Maybe there was a misunderstanding between the first account and the alt.
I'd like to get unban ruby0925. Thank you.


Staff member
Enforcer Team
Unbanned now. You're right it was likely a mixup.