• Steam recently changed the default privacy settings for all users. This may impact tracking. Ensure your profile has the correct settings by following the guide on our forums.

my playtime isn't private... yet i can't see my steam games

Ciaran Ichiban

New Member
hello can you please fix this...
my steam account isn't private with my playtime anymore... yet on my profile my games aren't there... CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THIS


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Enforcer Team
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I've had a look on your profile and all the other Steam trackers are seeing exactly the same thing as Exophase. If you have played free-to-play/family-shared games, you lose the license for those games after 2 weeks. You have to re-open them for trackers to be able to see them.


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Like each game?

Only if there are missing games. Based on what I see on your profile on Steam, it looks like it's showing the same list of games, so I don't think anything is missing.

If nothing was showing after you changed privacy settings - that's normal, we don't constantly check profiles to see if they changed privacy, only once a day. There is an option to run a manual scan to pick up the changes instantly. It's recommended to run that if you just changed privacy settings.