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My Sony dvd drive and error code 39.

I need help or at least some guidance...

I have a friends computer and it is not recognising my dvd drive (Sony DVD Dw56a), when i check the device manager it shows it up and all the drivers seemed linked but it has a yellow exclamation mark next to it. I take this to mean error code 39, what is error code 39? I have tried windows website but quickly wished i had not...Not helpful.

I think i need the driver for it or at least re-install it? Where can i get this driver? so far my searching has not found it.

Am i on the right track? Help is required.

I have uninstalled/install the dvd drive and then restarted. No luck.

Running another virus check as we speak, but 95% done and no virus found.

Any help would be appreciated as i know we have PC wizards here, lol


Hi january39, long time :)

I'd advise googling for the correct drivers. The exclamation mark, AFAK, means the drivers arent configured/installed properly.
Cheers ALex, yeah it has been a long time - hope your well/

Yes, struggling to find the drivers for it, every google entry seems to dead end :(

Edit - Sorted, used img burn to reorder the drivers and it worked.