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Need help (missing contacts after flashing rom)

El Diablo

I have a droid 2 global and flashed liberty 1.5 today. I followed all instructions leading up to it and backed up with titanium, sync'd on my phone, and made a back up using that back up assistant thing. I then made a nandroid backup before flashing. After flashing and restoring the titanium back up and syncing, I'm missing all of my contacts except for 6.

How can I get my contacts back? If I restore my nandroid back up with my rom flashed what will happen? Will it go back to the stock rom and I can back everything up again and re load the rom?


Justin B / Supp. Editor
Enforcer Team
Your contacts aren't through Google? A nandroid restore will completely restore your phone to the way it was prior to you flashing the new ROM. Titanium backup works great, when you're using the same or similar ROM but when you are going up a version number or using a different ROM it may not work properly all the time. My suggestion would be to do a nandroid restore and try to export your contacts to Google or try backing it up again with titanium and be sure you're backing up the right contacts program