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Need Help With Iphone


Lovin OS X
So this problem has been happening to me for a while now and i want to fix it. The problem is that safari wont write to the "history.plist" file and save my history, once i close the safari process. It will save the memory while i am using safari but once the process is deleted, all history is gone. Safari will read and write my bookmarks.plist and suspendedstate however. So here's what i've done so far: I ssh'd into my phone and browsed to /var/mobile/library/safari. I then found my history.plist and saw that the permisions were set to root. So to fix this i ran a little command in terminal:
chown -R mobile:wheel /var/mobile/library/safari
After i did that it changed the permisions to mobile. Tryed again in safari and didn't work. Then i backed up the file on my computer and deleted the history.Plist file to see if safari would create another one. Again didn't happen. So i re copied the backup on over. Any suggestions?




Default permissions for Safaris settings are:
/var/mobile/Library/Safari folder: owner (chown): mobile:mobile - acces (chmod): 700
All the files in it: owner (chown): mobile:mobile - acces (chmod): 644

Try setting those.
I hope this helps a bit :)

What did you do right before Safari stopped working propperly?


Lovin OS X
What did you do right before Safari stopped working properly?
nothing that i recall. It stopped working bout a month ago. I'll try this. Thanks for the help

Bump: Here i did what you said and no sucess. I was monitoring the history file while i tested to see if was being read or written and the file was never changed. Let me just go over how i tested it to make sure its right:

1) I started off as normal with my one item in the history box

2) Browsed a few pages

3) Ended the safari process

4) restarted safari with only one item in the history

any other ideas? If not then i might just restore


Well, what if you don't kill the process using brute force?
Give Safari a chance to exit cleanly, it might save everything then.

I also have the one or the other "it forgets" issue when forcing a kill on some apps....


Lovin OS X
I already did that too and it didnt work. Anyways, I went ahead and did a restore and as of right now it was not worth it at all. I lost everything up to the date 11/23. I was transfering my chronus backups to my computer and it completed but somehow it didnt save... idk what the problem was there. I even extracted the backup i made before restoring and that had nothing it it... Soooo after two restores I think i'm finishing up getting everything customized

So a whole day wasted. (Sent most of the morning building a sim city and now that's gone)