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Neon White Achievement Review !


Hello and welcome to another one of my review , It has been a while but i do not forget about you <3

Today we will review together Neon white and his sets of achievements!

Neon White is a Indie game developped by Angel Matrix , The game Talk about Neons , Sinner that come to heaven to compete in a yearly competition about killing and cleaning heaven from filthies demons with the promess of being forgiven for our sins if we win this competition

Fast FPS for freaks , made by freaks.


The pros:

  • Neon white have a lot of levels (96 for the main story and 24 sidequests).
  • Lots of replayability !
  • Have the hability to introduce you to speedrunning.
  • The music made by machine girl is purely fitting the game atmosphere.
  • The characters are well writen , all with their own personalities , tastes and defaults , making them very attachables.
  • Just the fact of Rushing Trhough levels and killing at the same time give me goosebumps.

The cons:

  • Even if the idea and the characters are well done , Story feel weird , ending made me felt empty , it this a dating sim after all ( kind off )​
  • The game is short , you can probably finish it in few hours if you don't directly go for achievements on the way like i did , Tooked me like 13-15 to have 100%.​
  • Some players may find it dificult on certain levels , but the learning curve is worth the efforts.​
  • Even if the game have 120 Levels , it can get quickly repetitive.​

The Achievements :

Neon white features 63 achievements on steam and 45 on Playstation. Most of them are easy to obtains.

For the 100%/Platinium trophy you will need to :

  • Finish the story for the first time.
  • Get All Ace Medals ( Time Tracker on every levels ).
  • Get All Gift and get a better relationships with every characters.
  • Get the second and true ending ( Need all relationships maxed out )

And for the last step we have to do the whole game again in one seat twice , and thats where it get interesting!

Heaven and Hell Rush are modes that you unlocked after finishing the 100%

It ask you to complete the whole levels or sidequest in one seat. This is what we call heaven rush.
Then you have Hell Rush , Asking you to complete the whole game without dying once. Sharing health between each levels.

This is trials and errors achievements as you will have to learn every levels and avoid mistakes , but i do think theses are fun achievements.

Where to Find the Game and at What Price:

Steam : Available for 24.99$ and is worth 3,657 Exophase Points.
: Available for 20$ and is worth 2730 Exophase Points.
PS4 : Available for 20$ and is worth 2431 Exophase Points.
Switch : Available for 25$ and have no achievements !

Steam Badges :

Neon White have 6 cards , with 5 badges , Worth 0.56$ Each Sets ( Total of 3,36$ ) for the fifth badge.
He also have one Foil Badge worth 9,43$ !

Captura de pantalla 2023-07-23 144517.jpg

Hey you ! Thanks for reading this and i hope you liked it.
I'm Currently learning how to Edit a video for one of my next review on Black Mesa !
I do not know when it will come out but we'll get there one day !

I dont have all of neon white achievements yet ( 23/07/23 ) i still have all the hell rushs to do !
Which will probably be on stream and VOD , Don't forget to follow me ->



I wanted to try that game since a lot of friends played it, definelly i'll check it out. Cool review


I wanted to try that game since a lot of friends played it, definelly i'll check it out. Cool review

Hey , thanks for the feedback , appreciate.
The game is totally worth the price and its a lot of fun to compete with friends about who make each level quicker !