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New CPU Heatsink RAPING my northbridge


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I was using the Stock i7 cooler and my temps under load on the cores rose up to 100 Celcius overclocked.

So I looked into the best aftermarket cooler to discover the Megahalems
It fits perfectly in my case, and I have 2 120mm fans on it. My CPU temps are no issue now, but the heatsink and the fans cover the Northbridge and it's heatsink slightly and now my Northbridge temps while idle and under load stay at around 70-78 + celcius.

With the stock cooler It never went nearly that high , (It would idle and load between 55+ and 60+)


i've spent all day changing the orientation of the heatsink/fans but nothing has changed D:

Using a Push Pull configuration with the fans so there is plenty of airflow.
And I have good airflow in the case! 2 intake fans, 2 out take fans + the 2 fans on the Heat sink.


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That's how I have it mounted now, The north bridge itself isn't covered anymore, but the left side of the HS still cover's the second part. A little bit and they are NOT making contact

When I get my case cover back on, i'm gonna try to creatively use some old CPU heatsink fans as Intakes on the side cover maybe that will help. Because the Stock i7 heatsink didn't blow air on the NB. It blew Air on the CPU


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I think adding a fan that pushes air over it is your best bet. What's the max temp for the NB?


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Whelp < I got creative and gutted an old AMD Sempron CPU heatsink for it's fan

and I gutted the stock i7 Heatsink Fan as well

And used wire ties to mount the old AMD fan on the rear 120mm fan on the Megahalems so it hangs right in front of the North bridge. I have it duty cycled at 50% which is about 2600-2900 RPM I did the same with the i7 fan, except I mounted it on the side of my case where normally 120mm and 200mm Fans are mounted so it's blowing air in @ 1700 RPM slightly more to the right of the AMD fan

Here are current Temps

Edit: right now, it's sitting around 53C which is a HUGE improvement compared to before , which ended up sitting around 80C previously while idle

And Yes, it's not that loud at all! THANK god eh?