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New Guy Sayin Hi


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Hi guys. My first post and my first time even seeing this site but it looks pretty cool and I'll do some more exploring. I'm getting back into hardcore gaming for the first time in four years. I took a little break when my daughter was born but now I'm starting to have more time and am getting back into it. I just got a PS4 and Vita and I'm playing a lot lately. Right now I'm going through Dying Light in coop with a friend, playing some Rory McIlroy PGA, and Rayman Legends on my Vita. I'm also really digging the first person mode on GTA V. I'm looking to get my trophy count up but I don't think I'll ever be able to get back to the pace I was at before my break. I'll do some more digging into the site and read the rules before I do anymore posting but I just wanted to say hi.

Survival Horror

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Hello and welcome to the site. All of the games that you wrote are not for me hehe :) Ok,ok i like a lot only first Rayman on psone.
First of all is health and is nice that you have your lil daughter.
From where your avatar came from ?


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Hi thanks for the welcome. I do like a lot more games than the ones I've listed but those are just the ones I am playing through at the moment. My avatar was just a funny picture I happened to find on the internet lol.