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Nhl 09

Darth Budd

I just started playing again after stopping back in sept. Still an amazing game, i can tell why it won so many sports game of the year awards.


Also, anyone who has this wanna start a team?

Darth Budd

this one is worth a look, its realistic enough for guys like me who are players to play the game and not get pissed off like in previous iterations, yet still video-gamey enough for the casual fan to play it without requiring a huge investment.


Shockingly Delicious
I am already on a league, but are team is 5-15 (wins-losses)
Near the end of the game I always try to get in a fight, since waiting the full 5 minutes in the penalty box is torture. I'm 3-1 in fights. The one time I lost the other guy knocked me out with the first punch. I cried.

I like NHL09, but I miss the fun mini games the 2K series always had