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No Man's Sky redeemed?


I hear a lot of people say something can't be redeemed because it's too late I say no not for a video game take a look at Destiny 1 it was at its best in year three and yes they screwed it up in Destiny 2 LOL but Hello Games is fulfilling what they said they were going to do and we'll have to see how this whole multiplayer update works on top of the other things they are adding but I think they're on their way of redeeming themselves and again I say it's never too late
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Yeah, I remember the same thing happening with The Division. Let's hope Anthem can follow in these game's 'footsteps', eh! 🙂🤞
I recall some minor complaints over The Division but otherwise the game did fine. Obviously well enough to still get expansions and content into the next year and then get a sequel years later.
Despite criticism over who the Heck knows what with Anthem from a very vocal minority, it's topping sales charts in Europe and Asia: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-03-01-anthem-soars-to-top-of-emeaa-charts

No Man's Sky I think is one of the few games I can name off the top of my head that managed to bounce back.
Most games get blasted from the start and just drown.
I think Fallout 76 will go the same route as NMS. It gets destroyed in sales and press at the start, then over time adds content and then stabilizes itself with a decenet sized userbase.


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If No Man's Lie wouldn't of released on the XB1, Hello Games would be on it's way to be shuttered or would of been already. Most of the XBox fan boys have no clue about any gaming news outside of the Xbox, so they don't know the history. I just don't trust Hello Games & won't give them a chance to burn me again.

(And before anybody says anything, I own every system, as I don't want to be limited on what I can play.)


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XBox fan boys have no clue about any gaming news outside of the Xbox
lol, I've seen a PlayStation user post about how he thinks the Xbox has always online DRM, this was just a year ago.
An Xbox port didn't save them, Sony paying way too much money for timed exclusivity on a project they didn't monitor in the slightest is what saved them.