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Gaming NoahG59’s Exp Guide


New Member
Are you stuck behind someone by just a few hundred Exophase Points (Exp)? Well this guide is here to help you pass that someone!

Exp is calculated by this:

ratio = (players / earners);
ratio = sqrt(ratio);
ratio = (10 * ratio);

This means that the total games players divided by the players who earned the achievement is a huge part of that achievements value. Look for a rare achievement that person you want to beat has and try to earn it. Once you earn it it will add 1 to the earners part of it, which will reduce the achievements value. You made them lose Exp and you gained some.

I did this to pass someone and they lost 500 Exp and I gained 300~. It may take a while but it can be an effective way to pass someone you’re close to passing. Be aware that this can also be used against you, so targeting longer or harder achievements will take others longer to catch up.

Have fun passing people! :)

P.s. This will work better on games with a few hundred players, won’t do very much on games with almost no players.