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Not ranked on Steam Leaderboard


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I noticed some time ago that I'm not ranked on Steam Leaderboard due to suspected activity. Probably it's because Team Fortress 2 which has many achievements unlocked at the same time as back in the 2011 when I was playing this game, I joined a few community/modded servers with friends and unfortunately achievements just popped up. I did not use any of the external software for unlocking achievements, everything was unlocked by using 'features' available in the game. I didn't care about achivements back then but now I do and would like to be ranked on the leaderboard again.

However, when I checked invalid achievements in my Astats profile I noticed that all achivements from this game were flagged but actually not all achievments were unlocked on community/modded servers. Many of them were unlocked legitimately during normal play so I have no idea why those are flagged as well.

What's the procedure to clean my steam profile? Do I have to follow the instruction from here: https://forum.achievementhunting.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6 or maybe I just relock them with SAR, you check my profile to be sure all suspicious achivements are locked and that's it?

And just out of curiosity, could you tell me what is the link between achievementhunting and exophase sites that posting a thread on the other forum is required?

Thank you in advance. :)


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Due to a partnership with AchievementHunting.com, but it's fine to also post here.

You are right indeed, you were marked for Team Fortress II. We initially thought that all of the YouTube achievements can be unlocked only via file-editing or SAM usage (=Not Ranked) but we've later learned that they also unlock via achievement servers, I've went back and changed back all that seemed to be the latter, I must have missed your profile while looking through the logs, sorry about that. I'll get your profile reinstated on the leaderboard.

In the Steam community, using achievement servers for Team Fortress II (popping many achievements without doing the required actions) is considered cheating and it's invalidated (doesn't count for points on your profile). When we have an invalidation system (we don't right now), your Team Fortress II will be marked like that. If you wish for it to count on your profile, you can use SAR to re-lock all of the suspicious achievements. If you do that, make sure to check that they don't re-pop when you start the game (you have to reset your stats and/or delete your save) and also to let us know so we can reset your progress on the tracker. This is not mandatory and you should do it only if you wish to.


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Thank you very much for you answer and putting me back on the leaderboard.

I plan to relock all those achievements obtained via modded servers this month as I don't want to have any achievements which are not gained properly. When I do so, I'll let you now in this topic so please leave it open for now. Thank you.


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Hey @YouGotHitByGunner

I relocked all suspicious achievements (244 out of 402) and left only those which I'm pretty sure I've obtained legitimately. I cleared saves from Cloud and game stats as 5 achievements popped up after launching the game for the first time but for the second (after stats clear) it was all good. Please let me know if anything else is required in that case.